2005 – 2006: The year of giving a blog

I’m embarked on a pretty ambitious project over at Blogsavvy to examine not just the different tools for providing blogs for users in multiple contexts but also to look at examples of these ranging from blogger to edublogs… and to come up with some conclusions about how his can best be done.

This is partly for myself and partly because I’m guessing that:

“what we’ve been exploring up till now is how people use blogs & aggregation individually and how blogs act as alternative publishing / broadcasting media, whereas in 2005 – 2006 we might start to have a reconceptualisation of what exactly blogging is and in light of this what kind of multi-user blogging tools can best facilitate the uses of the technology in business, educational, community and other contexts.”

I’ve created a post which is going to function as a content page (and discussion for extra content / material and more) and have just posted my first offering, on Drupal and would be fascinated to know what people thing of that and the project as a whole…

You can follow the whole series by grabbing the feed.