What’s love got to do with it?

Tom pulls together a couple of decent Kairos posts that on the more negative side of the spectrum in the wide-world-o-weblogs-n-wikis: Falling out of love & Wikis.

The blogging article is just as interesting for it’s comments as the post itself so go and have a look. Personally I’m kind of in agreement with Tom in that if you want to get the kind of discussion that you would get in a discussion board the, ahem, use a discussion board. Blogs are not linear in any respect, you can’t control them, structure them or really do much about them being or not being written and, well, a bit like people really.

Good luck scouting BTW ;o)

On the wiki front, however, while I guess while there are some reasonable criticisms of the semantics employed in relation to wikis I’m afraid I came out more along the lines of Tom’s first response…. there’s somewhat of a wikisnob in it and IMO the more you argue for wikis as a new world order which need their purity and wikinature (says who!) preserved then the less accessible, useful and possible they become.