I think I’m getting towards the possibility of enjoying presenting to hordes of peers (much more respectable than me peers :o) but am perhaps not quite there yet! Hence I am very happy to have got my presentation for “Communication dynamics: Discussion boards, weblogs and the development of communities of inquiry in online learning environments” out of the way!

A couple of people mentioned that they would like the presentation so here it is in all its PPoint glory (2MB).

Had a look over at the Edublog Awards voting earlier and there are tons of votes there and a few comments, voting is only open for 4 more days so get cracking, some very close contests!

4 replies on “Phew”

  1. Wow! I’m presenting a similar session at a conference on Wednesday. It’s called “Future of Mathematics” and gives information about using discussion forums, blogs, and digital cameras in the classroom. You might like my blog–it’s a collection of thoughts, lessons, and observations on using technology in the mathematics classroom.

  2. Fantastic. I don’t suppose you’d consider adding your voice to it and reposting it? I’d love to hear what you have to say along with the slides. The slides are great, but the visual aid is just that, an aid. Leaves me hungry for the meat of the presenation!

    I’ll go vote for you on the Edublog awards if you do!

  3. Yeh, I had a go at that but Robodemo keeps on booting me out :o( Will try again later, if I get a moment.

    Thanks for the interest… I’m not actually nominated at the eddies though, just hosting them!

    Cheers, James

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