One Up WebCT (in a good way)

First to take up the call is Karen Gage, vice-president Marketing from WebCT (as of a year ago, can’t confirm that now).

Karen’s added to the Campus > Vista > Future post quoting a letter sent out by WebCT to customers a bit back that Scott quoted, read the comment here.

OK, it’s hardly spirited debate, more a ‘clarification’ (which they should probably be taking up with IRRODL rather than here – I guess they don’t have comments) but at the same time, I applaud her contribution and, quite sincerely, hope that we can see more of these conversations and contributions from the major ed tech players.

Come on out… you know you want to! Imagine the publicity!!!

2 replies on “One Up WebCT (in a good way)”

  1. Well it looks like the upcoming version 6 will actually have the relational database that they’ve been promising since 2000 (for version 4).

    However, the WebCT statement doesn’t really confirm or deny Scott Leslie’s claim that the new Campus will actually be a dumbed-down version of the Vista codebase. Will they maintain two parallel codebases forever?

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