Oh dear

Well, it appears that the all new WebCT Vista 3.0 is taking us back to supported browsers, great to see even more forward-thinking approaches from “the world’s leading provider of e-learning systems for educational institutions”… we’re in good hands!

p.s. in this version you can also take pedagogical delight in our CONTROL AS TEACHERS dammit, for example, as if the concept of marking people based on their discussion contribution wasn’t bad enough in the first place, Vista now facilitates it with ‘Gradable Discussions’ and if you thought that being able to track a learners every move wasn’t enough… it’s now a whole lot easier with PeopleLinks:

“PeopleLinks, instructors can access student performance statistics by simply clicking on a student’s name wherever it appears. For example, while reading a discussion posting, an instructor can instantly access student grade information or tracking data.” [WebCT Vista 3.0 Highlights]