New incsub site

Phew, am struggling through this web-design-on-your-own-how-the-hell-do-I-manage-SQL-tables journey bit by bit and here’s the latest effort.

What I’ve tried to do is to move away from the image-based / brochureware-ish side, add in more information & an email form, introduce an element of blogging and face up interaction and back it up with a community site –the incsub association– (which is about as much a shell as you could imagine at the moment but has been a wonderful Drupal learning experience putting it together!)

Am also beginning to realise that I’m developing a prototype for an educational sandpit system (as well as all the rest) … things might be falling into place a bit more :o)

Oh, and as I’ve been putting this together in virtual utter isolation, I’d kill for some critical feedback!!!

(apart from the utter lack of alt tags… will do that over the weekend)

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