Learning Management Systems: The wrong place to start learning & ASCILITE / Perth

Really should mention George’s latest article Learning Management Systems: The wrong place to start learning. Would love to go on about and use this to springboard off but am a bit rushed and WikiRadio has just given me some serious presentation anxiety ;o) Better get my ASCILITE stuff sorted straightaway!

A couple of central quotes from the article:

“Only recently (and in limited ways) have LMS vendors started extending tools and offerings beyond simple content sequencing and discussion forums”

“Large, centralized, mono-culture tools limit options. Diversity in tools and choices are vital to learners and learning ecology”

& Personally I’ll go for the “walk away from LMS’ altogether and develop an alternative based on decentralized, learner-in-control, piece-it-together tools” option. There’s so much money and passion in education technology that there has to be an opportunity! Anyone for a coalition?

On the conference front all my presentations and the workshop out of the way by 2PM on the Monday… not bad! Anybody in Perth fancy some drinks Monday night?