Have a peaceful, loving Cristmas and a joyful new year!

Well, that’s pretty much it from me this year, I’m off until the 4th Jan and am also sworn off weblogs, wikis, CMSs, email, IM, SMS, podcasting, pedagogy, technology, community, digital imaging, multimedia, MySQL databases, PHP, hosting, support, laptops, desktops and any ideas / thoughts / projects / conferences / papers related to any of the above until at least the 3rd :o)

I’ve had a crazy year, professionally more interesting and frustrating than I’ve ever known and personally more devastating, powerful and edifying than I could have every imagined.

Am not sure I ever want another year like 2004, but it’s with hope and belief that I look forward to 2005 and I’d like to share that with all of you out there.

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May you all have a peaceful, joyous and merry Christmas and New Year filled with love and hope!

15 replies on “Have a peaceful, loving Cristmas and a joyful new year!”

  1. Thank you James for all your contributions this year and I hope 2005 will retribute your efforts. Have a wonderful holiday season, away from it all, and we all hope to see you back on 4th, refuelled with dreams and positive energy.
    Warm regards from Brazil

  2. James-
    Bless you and wishing you well. Here’s to a new year filled with happy surprises, insights, and new visions. Take care, virtual friend.

  3. Merry Christmas James to you and yours.

    I wish you a simply happy 2005, during which you will hopefully see my face.

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