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Comics on Infinite Canvas : New possibilities for Learning Content Design

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Many of you might know Scott McCloud’s through his recent work on Google Chrome Booklet. I am a big fan of him since I read Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art. Till date that’s my one of my most favorite books. Also strangely, I consider that one of the best books for learning instructional designing.

In his 2005 TED presentation (posted at recently), apart from providing a brief introduction on ‘Understanding Comics’ Scott presented a different form of Comics for the web media – the concept of infinite canvas.

The core idea is to treat the monitor display as a canvas rather than a page, through which the comics panels can run infinitely, have parallel narratives, change direction with a twist in the story.

I am totally thrilled with the possibility of comics with infinite canvas for learning content design. What do you think?

PS: As far as I know, only Maish Nichani (elearningpost) experimented using comics for learning content. Are there any other examples?

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March 2nd, 2009 at 11:32 am

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