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Jason Fried (37Signals) interviewed by Walt Mossberg

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I am a fanboy of the folks at 37Signals! I am using Basecamp for a long time now and me and my team can’t live without it now. Anyone out there planning to design any web based software ‘tools to get things done’, must refer to their book – Getting Real; you can buy the PDF version ($19) or read it online, completely free!

At BIF-3 Collaborative Innovation Summit (October 07), Jason Fried was interviewed by Walter Mossberg. A short, non-politically correct video, interesting stuff for web-enthusiasts.

Written by anol

November 2nd, 2007 at 9:36 am

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  1. 37 signals might have created popular software. But I don’t agree that it’s right not to add any new features to the tool. I personally use Wrike for project management. It’s got project management features, like Gantt charts and due dates for tasks. And it saves me time – that’s the most important thing :)


    6 Nov 07 at 3:38 pm

  2. Yeah I bought into their style a while back, and I even lined their pockets with my $19 for their paper.. seriously if I wanted something in 30 point font, triple spaced with 3 blank pages I could have written it myself (to think they’ve made something like $300k selling that paper? insane!)

    Anyway, they were at once idealistic with the whole lack of feature way of life, but lately in their products I just find myself getting lost… tabs come and go, nothing looks familiar. Maybe it’s just me. And their homepages (to different projects) seem to get more crowded every day. They used to be all zen-like but now they’re just kinda so-so.

    Nothing wrong with their services though, we use basecamp still for project management. I guess you can’t make everyone happy all the time ehh!

    Eric Bort

    8 Nov 07 at 3:13 am

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