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Enterprise 2.0 Won’t Transform Organizations : Tom Davenport

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In a recent HBR mini article, Tom Davenport mentioned:

Enterprise 2.0 software and the Internet won’t make organizational hierarchy and politics go away. They won’t make the ideas of the front-line worker in corporations as influential as those of the CEO. Most of the barriers that prevent knowledge from flowing freely in organizations – power differentials, lack of trust, missing incentives, unsupportive cultures, and the general busyness of employees today – won’t be addressed or substantially changed by technology alone. For a set of technologies to bring about such changes, they would have to be truly magical, and Enterprise 2.0 tools fall short of magic.

The usual suspect again, technology is easy, politics is hard! Found via Luis Suarez’s Twitter Home.

I am lovin Twitter!

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May 1st, 2007 at 4:06 pm

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