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Community Created Content : eBook

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Community Created ContentCommunity Created Content by Finnish copyfighters Herkko Hietanen, Ville Oksanen and Mikko Valimaki.Free pdf download.(2 mb)

Designing services that harness the wealth of their users’ creativity is not trivial. Finding a balance between exclusive copyright and open has turned out to bea delicate task. The book “Community Created Content” is written to help its readers to understand the legal, business and policy issues affecting community created content. The aim was to write a handy reference and a useful overview of a complex subject. Main emphasis is on the legal underpinnings of community created content. The book also describes users’ different motives of sharing their works. Several case studies help to illustrate how businesses can adapt to accommodate community created content.

The book will be also available for purchase through Turre Publishing,

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January 27th, 2007 at 3:49 pm

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