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Collaborative Data Visualization at Many Eyes by IBM

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Many Eyes IBM alphaWorks launched Many Eyes, a service that combines information visualization with social software, enabling collaborative visualization by groups of users.

Although it is technically in beta (Currently, you cannot edit or delete data you uploaded), the concept is nice, apart from the great interactive tools, a collaborative space to discuss different methods of data visualization. Cool! :)

Many Eyes Page

The service presents a set of interactive visualizations that provide insight into a variety of topics, varying from cereal nutrition data to fertility rates of countries worldwide. In addition, visitors are able to upload new data sets and create their own visualizations.

Through the creation of new visualizations, discussion forums, and the addition of new data sets, visitors to Many Eyes can do more than merely look at data: They can truly collaborate around it. Users can point out interesting findings, share possible explanations, ask questions, and contribute new information to the site. The result is a process of social data analysis that goes beyond mere visualization: Also provided are additional context and explanations, faster access to interesting findings, and the ability to share visualizations with colleagues.

How does it work?

The heart of the site is a collection of data visualizations. Users might want to begin by browsing through these collections or by simply exploring. The visualizations are based on a collection of publicly-shared data sets held on this site. One can see that many data sets and visualizations are the subject of active discussions. One can also go directly to the latest comments that other users have made.If users have data that they would like to share, they can add it to the collection. After it is on the site, it will be available for others to see, talk about, and visualize. One can choose from an array of chart and graph types to make one’s own visualization.

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January 24th, 2007 at 10:10 am

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