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e-learning Myths

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Exploring e-learning Myths from Learning from LTI by Kimberly M. Woodward

e-Learning came to forefront for taking the traditional classroom training model and applying technology advancements to create new ways to learn. However, each advancement in e-Learning has also resulted in new obstacles. This continual struggle has helped spawn some popular e-Learning myths that deserve exploration. Understanding these myths can help companies realize the business value of e-Learning while avoiding some of the pitfalls surrounding it. Since three is a mystical number, let’s explore three popular e-Learning myths.

Comments from elearnspace:
This article explores myths about elearning standards, analystics, and implementation. Fairly standard stuff. The real challenge of elearning (and an area that is usually overlooked) still centers around getting it used. Right now, there is a small segment of society that sees the value of elearning (typically professionals who are looking at advancing/changing their career). Most people don’t see elearning as an option. Often, organizations that implement elearning assume that the creation of a relevant, well-designed, integrated program will convince people to use it. Not so. Getting people to learn online (or use any new technology) requires a shift in thinking that needs to be fostered much like a well-organized advertising campaign. “Build it and they will use it” is probably the biggest myth surrounding elearning.

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10 Damaging E-learning Myths

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