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WordPress Enterprise Edition

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From : Read/WriteWeb

The competition with SixApart was stepped up today when Toni announced on his blog a partnership with enterprise RSS vendor KnowNow, for a new product called KnowNow WordPress Enterprise Edition (KWEE). It’s an enterprise version of Wordpress and comes just a month after SixApart

announced Movable Type Enterprise 1.5, which we profiled on Read/WriteWeb. Toni told me that KWEE is an enterprise package of Wordpress MU (the multi-user version of Wordpress) – with additional enterprise functionality bundled in. So for example KWEE comes with LDAP, Automattic’s spam solution Akismet and a stats package. KnowNow will market the product to their existing base of enterprise customers – and any improvements that KnowNow makes to the Wordpress product itself, will be released back as open source.

I asked Toni will it be a hosted service? He said it will be available as both a hosted service (by KnowNow) or customers can install it on their own servers.

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November 22nd, 2006 at 5:20 am

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