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PLOGs to handle change requests

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Using weblogs to manage project change from Cutting Through

It’s probably not too far an exaggeration to say that it’s changes that kill projects. Whether it’s because requirements were incorrectly specified at the start, or the business environment has changed – moving the goalposts mid-way through the game can really screw things up.

So, what are the problems?

  • There’s no formal process for capturing requests
  • The requests aren’t visible
  • The requests have knock-on effects

How Plogs (Project Management Blogs) can save the day?

A formal process for capturing project changes
In this situation, a blog becomes the change register. Anyone is able to post a request for change, which is immediately visible to everyone. The post’s category is set to ‘Received request’, and the project team is notified through the blog’s webfeed.


Visible requests
As soon as the request is received, it’s visible on the blog and through the webfeed.


Making the knock-on effects visible
Getting people into the change loop is a lot easier if all you’re asking them to do is passively monitor a newsfeed – they can rapidly scan and assess the relevence of an item in a feed far faster than skimming through a paper status report. And the speed with which you can deal with new items in a feed means that you are able to monitor a huge number of them – ideal if you’re in an environment with lots of projects going on simultaneously.

Quoted almost the full article :-) , must say great stuff.

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February 28th, 2005 at 8:52 am

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