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History of Interactive Media

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A Biased History of Interactive Media : from smackerel, Via: Boing Boing

A biased history of interactive media. We’ve recently finished the first 2 chapters of this history, covering the late 1980’s to about 1993. Filled with ancient screen samples and downloadable goodies, including the original virtual bubblewrap circa 1993.

First off, let’s face some facts: the web solutions industry is a lot less important than we once thought it was, and that’s putting it delicately. Our first clue should have been when interactive design became web orthodoxy. Orthodoxy quickly became brittle, silly, and expensive, and the whole industry collapsed in spectacular fashion a few years later. Most people, even friends and relatives, think we all got what was coming. Naturally, this is an excellent time for optimism.

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February 24th, 2005 at 5:53 am

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