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It all started with Dave Pollard’s question – Why Haven’t We Developed ‘Work-Arounds’ For Blogging’s Limitations.

“To me, the greatest limitation is blogs’ lack of integration and ‘transitionability’ with other communication tools. Why haven’t we developed generally-accepted work-arounds that allow us to transition from blog comments to e-mail threads, IM, telephony, wikis and other tools, and back again? Have we become so used to being led around the nose by the functionality (and lack thereof) of communication tools that we’ve lost our imagination and social will to develop means to jump to better tools when the one we’re working isn’t optimal?”

Dina Mehta posted a comment, articulated a blogpost with many more gems .

“Building relationships and workable connections that create something – that takes time, frayed nerves, affinity, dialogue, sharing … of visions, or values or desires. We have to find ways that are less “flat” of getting to know each other online, And, probably the only way to get there is by learning what “presence” is online and how we will each individually use it or respond to it or manipulate it ”

The question remains the same – “Can we make virtual presence feel real? “

She also added – “I wonder if it would be a good idea to have that button and an IM equivalent at the bottom of each of our blog posts. In the bar that has comments and permalinks. Along with presence indicators – so the reader would know if i’m available to chat or talk. Not sure whether existing blog software providers allow it – i’m pretty sure Radio doesn’t yet. “

I think we can do something like that with yahoo, although I don’t know how to contexualized the stuff.

David Wilcox also posted the same concern – “More about joining up online places – and people

“How can we can we get good connections between different online places (email lists, forums, blogs and so on), work out which tools do what best, deal with so much communication … and also think on what personality type and preferences dispose our energies to different ways of doing things. Are there face-to-face people, phone people, mainly-blogging people, community people? If so, what hope is there of connecting well?”

WOW! You guys hijacked at least 2 hours of my weekend.

What about our e-Learning world? Anyone thinking about connection, user experience and knowledge flow in post courseware era. Anyone from the pedagogy ivory tower? I am waiting for a oracle here!

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March 29th, 2004 at 10:46 am

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