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Motivating Sales Forces With Enhanced Learning

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Motivating Sales Forces With Enhanced Learning by Jeff Thull at CLO Media

How does one enhance the learning process to motivate the sales force? To consider this question, let’s start with a basic set of four criteria that we teach sales leadership to ensure motivation. Motivated sales professionals have these four traits in common:

  • They possess a present projection of a desired future.
  • They understand the costs and are willing to pay the price to get there.
  • They take action.
  • They are able to recognize short-term incremental progress.
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    The challenges of today’s sales professional have vastly surpassed the level of learning required by historic feature benefit/product training. We are well advised to design our learning programs to reflect the characteristics of the programs designed to meet similar challenges of other professions, such as teaching scientific principles to research scientists, diagnostic methods to physicians or the laws of aerodynamics to pilots. All of these learning designs fully meet the four criteria for motivation.

    By meeting these four criteria, you lay a mandatory foundation for motivation. Upon that foundation, you can build a program that meets the requirements of performance: a system that will guide performance, the skill that enables the system to be executed and the discipline to address the emotional inhibitors of performance. With that accomplished, you have successfully delivered on your commitment to motivate the sales organization through enhanced learning.

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August 31st, 2004 at 11:56 pm

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