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Learning Conversations

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Learning Conversations From Dusk and Dawn

There is a little know learning theory called Conversation Theory. In brief, it states that learning is about ‘conversations’ and that effective learning design enables these conversations (I apologies for this awful over-simplification, I think I can hear the sound of someone turning in their grave). There are 3 types of conversation:

  1. Conversations with the self
  2. Conversations with the world
  3. Conversations with others

While I may not subscribe to the specific details of this approach, I find it a very useful framework for thinking about learning design. IMO, a good learning experience encompasses all three types of conversation. The more ‘conversations’ we enable for the learner, the more effectively they will learn. I do not believe all of the conversations need to be provided by a single medium (e.g. an e-learning course might not enable all 3 conversations, but the criteria might be met by also including discussion groups, mentoring and some face-to-face training).

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July 30th, 2004 at 6:32 pm

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