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Cyber City

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Ton’s intradependent thoughts on founding a City in Cyberspace. Great post, and some interesting discussions going on there. To quote-

What is missing in the current Cyberspace, to be able to turn it into ‘real’ city-life? The red light district is well established, now even with tools that turn manipulations of another person into physical sensations by letting these tools be remotely controlled through your internet connection. Coffeehouses for conversation (portals, fora), libraries, living rooms /front porches (blogs), neighborhoods emerge (blognetworks), and work shops (wiki’s) are there as well, as are of course the shops and the auction houses. There are tribes and nations of people living alongside each other, not necessarily mingling. Crime is there, scam artists, Nigerian and otherwise.

We shape our city as much as it shapes us. Until the net is a two-way thing for most of it’s users, it will be like an empty city however, where loads of tourists come everyday to look around, shipped from sight/site to sight/site without knowing how one relates to the other, but nobody breathes life into it, with no real inhabitants that both create and feel it’s pulse. That is what the current state of the web is mostly like.

To add on – I think there are two more important types of netizens you need Ton. One – immigrants, who will come, struggle first then will contribute great substances (for better for worse) to the culture of the Cyber City. Also the Tourists and Bedouins who come with a different set of culture and enlight us time to time. Also the chaos of a city – that’s extremely important.

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June 17th, 2004 at 3:47 am

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