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7 things Small Businesses can learn from Chefs

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I am a lousy cook, but a big fan of good cooking shows. Why? ‘Cause I get many useful business lessons from the world class chefs. Seriously! Here goes few -

  1. There is no secret recipe
    Share everything. Chefs share there recipes will everyone, write books, host TV shows. Being open don’t take away any business from them, rather increase their reputation and eventually grow business. Share everything you learned with your present and prospective clients. If only hoarding the ‘trade secret’ can save you, you don’t have a sustainable business to start with.

  2. Create an audience, not just a client base.
    Chefs create audience, a group of targeted people who are always listening and tuning into chef’s recommendations. In business? Imaging the ‘audience’ of Steve Job’s hour long commercials! Enough said!

  3. Presentation matters
    No matter how good the food taste like, no one will like a badly presented dish. Presentation matters, in every front of business. Be careful how you present yourself – starting from your name-cards, PowerPoint presentations to website. If you don’t have the required skill, don’t take a chance – hire a professional designer.

  4. Repeat yourself.
    Chefs always repeats the ingredients and the process at least once. Follow that for every presentation or pitch you do. We might be center of owe own universe, but not for others. a quick repetition with highlighting key points is always a good habit.

  5. Simplicity Rules
    (Good) Chefs never suggest a complex cooking process or a hard to find ingredient. Simplicity is a key success factor. Edit away all the jargons from your sales pitch and business processes. Checkout, great and simple recipes presented awesomely. In fact you can learn a lot about presentation from Here goes an example :

  6. Try new new things
  7. Not all the recipes are success stories. Keep experimenting and keep what works. There are many chefs, running shows and writing cookbooks for more than 10/15 years, still presenting always fresh and new things. Keep re-inventing, re-imagining.

  8. Don’t waste peoples time

    Good chefs are articulated and precise. They don’t waste time (again is the case in point)
    Be precise and to the point for all your business communications – emails, web page writeup, presentations. People don’t have eternity for your stories. Tell them how you are going to make their life better and shut up.

Inspiration : A short talk by Jason Fried from 37 Signals over at BIF-4 Collaborative Innovation Summit

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January 5th, 2009 at 7:40 am

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