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Secret to Successful Negotiations by Joel Peterson and Stan Christensen

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From STVP Entrepreneurial Thought Leader podcast series 2 great podcasts on negotiation.

Stanford's Entrepreneurship Corner: Joel Peterson, Peterson Partners - Stan Christensen, Stanford Technology Ventures Program; Arbor Advisors - Secret to Successful Negotiations

What is Effective Negotiation? Stan Christensen throws light on the art of effective negotiation. He defines it as any attempt to persuade or influence a party to do something. He adds a note of humor by illustrating it with a story of one his students.

Secret to Successful Negotiations by Joel Peterson

Joel Peterson, founder of Peterson Partners, discusses the secret to successful negotiations. He reminds us that negotiation is how one navigates their way through life, and in order to have successful negotiations, people must be empowered, have high character, and confidence. Peterson draws from his experience as CEO of one of the world’s largest real estate development firms and most recently founded Peterson Partners- an equity fund in search of talented and visionary CEOs.

Stan Christensen : The Art of Negotiation

Stan Christensen is a partner at Arbor Advisors, an investment banking firm where he negotiates on behalf of mid-market technology companies. In this lecture, Christensen builds a framework and illuminates a few of the classical mistakes in negotiation. He defines negotiation as an attempt to persuade or influence a situation. He emphasizes relationship management and problem solving as being fundamental to negotiation. He also alludes to the conceptual framework by illustrating examples from his vast global experience.

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