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Productivity Zen : Accomplishing More By Doing Less by Marc Lesser

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From the Google Tech Talk Coaching Series: Accomplishing More By Doing Less by Marc Lesser


Being creative and successful in business and your personal lives requires that you be responsive and flexible as you move beyond your comfort zones.

Though it may seem paradoxical, all real change and creativity begins by facing and understanding the reality of your current situation.

Learning to see and respond with greater clarity is where the path toward change and growth begins.

What is that you are really doing? What are you doing that is extraneous? How can you bring more ease to and at the same time enliven your work and personal activities?

Learn how slowing down and looking deeply can lead to greater business success and personal satisfaction. Learn key practices that can help you:

  • Be flexible and responsive in the midst of change
  • Act with calm in the midst of intense activity
  • Relax in the midst of exertion
  • Gain clarity and insight in the midst of difficulty and competing demands
  • Increase creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Improve listening and communication skills
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Increase work satisfaction
  • Lead and build teams

Written by anol

September 22nd, 2008 at 8:32 am

2 Responses to 'Productivity Zen : Accomplishing More By Doing Less by Marc Lesser'

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  1. The word “Focus” is used by people, books, articles and in the world on the average 1 Million times in the day all over, however Focus is still a misunderstood term. My dissatisfaction with the data available on the subject made me search some research journals and I was surprised by what I discovered.

    In spiritual studies, FOCUS is known as the power everyone wants to develop stronger than others. The reason is like in a hierarchy in the workplace, where the boss on top have the power to control others daily goals in the workplace, likewise in the world, the most powerful person is the one whose FOCUS is highest in intensity. This is the reason why so many esoteric sciences tell us that sages have been trying to increase focus since billion light years. Sages spend many years on their lives in dark caves trying to develop this power.

    If we take two beams of light and CONVERGE them (Inverted V), we can say the two beams are working in coherence. The point at which the two beams converge can be called as being FOCUSSED.

    If we take both the beams of light and completely DIVERGE them, they can actually become a straight line. (Open the V). Now the beams are DIVERGENT. When we are doing some activity which is leading to a result or outcome, our focus beam is in CONVERGENT Mode and when are meditating the focus beam is in DIVERGENT mode.

    So how this knowledge does helps us! In no manner whatsoever till now. Read on and it will make sense.

    Focus point always needs to have an objective or an outcome stored in it to make any difference in our lives. So to say, if we are outcome focused, we can call ourselves focused.

    We are daily focused on the outcome of the result (which is guided by positive and negative expectations), hence we are focused every minute, every day , every week on some outcome. Sadly most of these outcomes are negative outcomes.

    The good news is that whatever is the subject of our FOCUS will get converted into Reality (by our own unconscious actions). The bad news is that when the subject of FOCUS is negative (our expectation of negative is mostly stronger than the expectation of positive), we are unfortunately INTENSELY focused on the Negative Goal. When it comes to a positive goal, there is something that comes in the way.

    It has been known that if we can intensely focus on any goal, we can achieve it and unconsciously other people will help us achieve our goal. (The Universe will conspire to give us what we want). However this is not exactly true. Whenever we focus on the goals which we want so badly, we experience something called Scattering of Focus , wherein distractions and negative blocks reduce the intensity of focus and delay the achievement of goal or altogether cancels the goal. On the other hand, when we are focused on the negative outcome, we are highly focused and even if there are positive distractions (like positive inputs, positive thoughts), we continue to fear the worst (and hence FOCUS on the worst).

    You must be thinking, What can happen incase I can reduce this scattering of focus. What will happen is that not only will you achieve your goals much faster and with least struggle, but also you will start becoming unconsciously more powerful over people who has lesser intensity of focus and you will unconsciously control and guide their goals in a way that everyone will unconsciously help you achieve your goals.

    This will however happen in ways which are for the highest good of all concerned.

    When we voluntarily concentrate on any goal, the so-called executive center in the front of the brain — the prefrontal cortex is in charge. But when something distracting grabs our attention, the signal originated in the parietal cortex, toward the back of the brain. While concentration occurs at lower frequencies, Distraction occurred at higher frequencies. As distraction was developed as a survival tool, it has more power over us and therefore distraction has a stronger impact on our thinking than concentration.

    A lot of products teach us to increase focus, but very few teach us to reduce scatter. The moment we are able to reduce scatter, our focus automatically and effortlessly increases to the next level. I can guarantee you that if you put in 5% of the efforts of what you have dedicated to increasing Focus, you will radically improve your results and change your life faster than you can handle it.

    I have found the best way to reduce scatter is to use techniques taught by Astromind Research at . Also you can look for various Focus CDs on the internet, however I have not had any major breakthroughs with any of these CDs.

    As a bonus in this article, I will explain what happens neurologically in the brain when we focus. As soon as we focus, all our resources are aligned with the goal. We become charged and determined to achieve the objective (unconsciously) and thereafter our unconscious or mind, immediately starts computing the various possibility in which it can take us forward towards the goal. The unconscious thereafter computes various computes various permutations/combination to make us take unconscious and conscious actions (a mixture of both) to make us achieve our objective.

    Rohit Sharma

    10 Oct 08 at 10:38 am

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