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Evernote: The best note taking tool so far

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I blogged about Google Notes and Zotero before, and I liked both of them. But, if you really need a note taking tool which can pan across web-desktop- mobile; which comes with a very usable desktop (PC / Mac) version as well as web based version – you need Evernote.

Evernote allows you to easily capture information in any environment using whatever device or platform you find most convenient, and makes this information accessible and searchable at anytime, from anywhere.

On the web. On your desktop. On your phone.
Everything you put into Evernote is always synchronized across all of your devices. That way, all your memories are available to you wherever you are.

It comes with a powerful Web Clipper, a Desktop Clipper, a great Desktop tool with a nifty editor. It synchronize with the web based note automagically! Desktop Evernote indexes itself – makes searching really easy. Also I was most impressed by the fact – it stopped indexing when my laptop was running in battery (small things matter)! Tagging is easy. Display of the web clips, specially images are good (one up against Google Notes).

Top of that a screen capture tool comes along Evernote desktop, which is very handy to quick snap any app and paste it in your note.

The browser clipper and the web version is very usable, specially the thumbnail display of the notes. Sharing the notes via email or publishing is neat too!

Yet to try out the mobile options, but already I am impressed!

Here goes an overview video of Evernote:


BTW : Evernote is still in private beta. But I have few invitations left. if you want one – drop a comment here.

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April 29th, 2008 at 3:40 am

Salesforce + Google Apps = Productive Small Biz

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We are (GetIT Comms) using Salesforce Group Edition for last 4 years and started using Google Apps since last year for our mails, documents and calendar. Evidently we are delighted to hear that Salesforce and Google Apps now working together. :)

BTW: Integration is very easy, I did it in 5 minutes.

From Techcrunch

Google is in effect becoming Salesforce’s productivity suite. Google documents, spreadsheets, and presentation can be created from within Salesforce’s CRM application. GTalk works as the de facto instant messenger within Salesforce. With one click, sales people who use Gmail can send any email correspondence with potential or existing customers to Salesforce, where it becomes recorded as part of the sales cycle. Sales events and marketing campaigns can be overlayed onto a Google Calendar (see screen shot below), as well as colleague’s schedules for figuring out convenient meeting times.

Lee Leefever did a wonderful job (as usual) to describe Google Apps + Salesforce in plain english.


Some more detail on the integration

Salesforce and Gmail

E-mail and CRM—Joined Together. See your productivity soar when you use Gmail for business and send messages to contacts from inside Salesforce or log e-mails in Salesforce from Gmail.
Learn More

Salesforce and Google Talk

Instant Messaging Inside Salesforce. Instantly communicate with colleagues right from Salesforce—> during sales or customer services calls, in discussions with partners, or when reviewing CRM data in Salesforce.
Learn More

Salesforce and Google Docs

Real-Time Document Collaboration. Share documents with your colleagues, partners, and customers so that everyone can work together in real time—no more e-mailing attachments or worrying about different versions floating around.
Learn More

Salesforce and Google Calendar

Multiple Calendars Managed Together. Manage your various work activities plus your personal and outside calendars all in one easy calendar interface with the checkbox simplicity and drag-and-drop convenience you would expect from Web 2.0.
Learn More

Salesforce and Google Start Page

Everything That Matters—in a Single Glance. Start your day with a customized, all-in one view of everything that matters to your business.
Learn More

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April 15th, 2008 at 6:03 am

How to Speak : Lecture Tips from Patrick Winston

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If you are a public speaker or a teacher / lecturer, you must check out this great video series by Professor Patrick Winston : How to Speak. Total of 45 minutes of lecture, broken down in 13 mini-episodes (Quick Time),  filled with great advices on persuasive public speaking, delivered in the form of "heuristics" that you can use to guide your own presentations.

In this skillful lecture, Professor Patrick Winston of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers tips on how to give an effective talk, cleverly illustrating his suggestions by using them himself. He emphasizes how to start a lecture, cycling in on the material, using verbal punctuation to indicate transitions, describing "near misses" that strengthen the intended concept, and asking questions. He also talks about using the blackboard, overhead projections, props, and "how to stop."

About Professor Winston (Wikipedia)

Via : Boing Boing

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February 20th, 2008 at 5:08 am

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Online Photo Sharing in Plain English

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Hopefully none of the readers of SoulSoup will need this, but in case you need to explain online photo sharing to your mom, you will love this. Besides, CommonCraft shows are too adorable to miss out.

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January 10th, 2008 at 10:56 am

Zotero : Goggle Notes alternative for power users

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For Internet based research work (and play) I use a simple workflow. I use for saving a link with minimal personal context and Google Notes, when I am collecting information from different sources and adding notes and comments to them for further use (Blog or Work). Zotero, the free and open source  Firefox extension takes it to a sophisticated height.  Developed by Center for History and New Media at George Mason University Zotero helps you gather, organize, and analyze sources (citations, full texts, web pages, images, and other objects), and lets you share the results of your research in a variety of ways.

You can capture full web pages, PDF or images; categorize and tag them, take notes and make comments and search your source collection, all from the comfort zone of your browser. For heavy duty research work, a must try.

Download Zotero | Screencast Tours

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January 10th, 2008 at 4:56 am