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Blogtalk Downunder » Invited Speakers

Blogtalk Downunder
   May 19-22, Sydney


Invited Speaker - Mark Bernstein

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Yet again we are delighted to announce our third invited speaker is Mark Bernstein.

Mark Benrnstein Mark Bernstein, for more than two decades, has been president and chief scientist of Eastgate Systems, Inc., a pioneer company in the development of hypermedia and hypertext writing tools, and publishers of original hypertexts–poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.

Eastgate Systems, founded in 1982, was referred to in the New York Times as “the New Directions of electronic publishing,” in recognition of the high innovative and intellectual quality of the company’s products. At Eastgate, Bernstein has created and managed hypertext tools and technologies, including the Storyspace hypertext writing environment which has been widely regarded as the tool of choice for serious and literary hypertext, and Tinderbox, a unique and powerful tool for making, analyzing, and sharing notes.

His often-controversial Web writing, first in HypertextNOW and later in his weblog, ranges from new media criticism to frontiers of computer research. He is the publisher of TEKKA, a quarterly journal of new media and software aesthetics, and is currently at work on The Tinderbox Way. A graduate of Swarthmore College, he received his doctorate (in Chemistry) from Harvard University.


Invited Speaker - Rebecca Blood

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We’re delighted to announce that our second invited speaker will be Rebecca Blood.

Rebecca Blood is widely regarded as the world’s foremost authority on weblogs. Her book, The Weblog Handbook: Practical Advice on Creating and Maintaining Your Blog, called “the Strunk & White of blogging books”, was chosen by Amazon as one of the 10 best books on digital culture for 2002. It has been translated into 4 languages. Her work has been used in university courses around the world. She has been featured in the New York Times, Newsweek, Fast Company, the BBC, and on National Public Radio; she was recently profiled by Time magazine. In 2003 she presented a keynote address in Vienna at Blogtalk, the world’s first weblog conference. She has maintained her own weblog, Rebecca’s Pocket, since April 1999. She lives in San Francisco.

Besides her book, Ms. Blood has written a number of critically important essays on the theory and practice of weblogs. She has been invited to write for the prestigious academic journals the Nieman Reports and Communications of the ACM. Ms. Blood serves on the Steering Committee for the South by Southwest Interactive Festival. She appeared at the 2003 PlaNetworks, a conference on sustainability, and organized a panel on Wikis at South by Southwest in 2004. In 2003, the UK’s Web User named Ms. Blood one of the Web’s “Hot Faces” (right between Beck and Bowie), and Sweden’s Internet World ranked her as one of the world’s Top Ten Bloggers. She was once Goth Babe of the Week.


Invited Speaker - Thomas N. Burg

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We’re delighted to announce that our first invited speaker is Thomas N. Burg, the founder of Blogtalk and a leading authority on webpublishing and social software.

Thomas N. Burg has engaged with the internet and the World Wide Web since 1994. The emergence of the first web-browser turned him from a medical historian and German philologist into an information architect. Since 1997 he has headed the Center for New Media at the Danube University Krems. As the managing director he is responsible for the entire teaching, consulting and research agendas. The specific interest of the Center for New Media is the provision of post-graduate programs in the field of New Media. Thomas N. Burg’s main field of research is Social Software and advanced Webpublishing especially in the context of individual-centered knowledge-management.

He is the inventor of BlogTalk the first international conference on Weblogs and a consultant for the building of virtual organisations in corporate or learning contexts. Only recently he founded the Social Software Lab (an international initiative in the field of social computing).

His weblog is .:| randgaenge |:. and he has edited the first academic-pragmatical book on weblogs (the new edition coming out in February 2005).

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