Firefox crashing annoyances

Written by James

Grrrr… Firefox has been crashing for me at least twice a day (sometimes many more times) since updating to on XP and it looks like I’m not the only one.

Coupled to massive memory use am not enjoying FF as much as I used to and am even to be occasionally found slipping into IE7 use (gasp).

C’mon Mozilla, sort it out!

  1. How did I guess that’d be the first comment!

    But no Goog browser sync, firebug, screengrab or gmail & gcal integration to mention but a few stop me…

    Although it does make things prettier, which is what probably appeals to you ;)

  2. IE7 doesn’t have those things either. So no difference. :)

    Except that Safari renders html properly. Which is what I consider to be pretty about it.

    In fact Safari does have firebug equivalents in Drosera and the Element Inspector plus a slew of debug and profiling tools in the hidden debug menu. Screengrab? Doesn’t your OS do that? Oh, sorry, Windows right? Damn.

    Have you considered that it’s all those wonderful add-ons that are causing your FireFox to crash in the first place?

  3. You’re spoiling all my mac preconceptions :)

    That has crossed my mind…