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Free education blogs -

Sunday, July 31st, 2005

Well, finally the completely obvious thing to do dawned on me.

WPMU + = Free education blogs for anyone who darn well wants them.

And that’s about it really.

WPMU at provides anyone who wants it with a free version of the latest (checkout 1.6!) version of WordPress.

First up you’ll get the domain

Then you’ll get 10MB (initially) of completely free upload space… plus unlimited MySQL (i.e. posts) space.

And with the new version of WPMU you also get to choose any one of a number of bloody great WordPress Themes (just contact me if you want a particular one pre-installed). In a few weeks you’ll be able to edit them too!

Until the time that some philanthropic educational organisation comes and takes this over (that’s an invitation BTW!) this will be entirely supported by incsub and donations. No ads, no fees, no business model…. ahhh makes me smile :o)

So if you know any teachers, students, researchers, writers or ANYONE interested in education… let them know that they can start their edublog at

This is gonna be fun!

How you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT use blogs in education

Friday, July 29th, 2005

incsub readers might be interested in a couple of items that I’ve posted over at Blogsavvy about how you should and how you should not use blogs in education, an extract:

“Never never approach blogs as discussion boards, listservs or learning management systems: Almost invariably the first thing people do when encountering new technologies is to try and get it to do what the technologies they are used to do and this is no exception when it comes to blogs.

Group blogs are a bad idea and don’t work: Sure there’s a place for collaborative/ group blogs but that place is not in education. Blogs work well for individuals… they are tools of centred communication and pretty far removed from community management systems like Drupal. Just don’t go there!” [Blogsavvy - professional blog consultant]