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How to Speak : Lecture Tips from Patrick Winston

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If you are a public speaker or a teacher / lecturer, you must check out this great video series by Professor Patrick Winston : How to Speak. Total of 45 minutes of lecture, broken down in 13 mini-episodes (Quick Time),  filled with great advices on persuasive public speaking, delivered in the form of "heuristics" that you can use to guide your own presentations.

In this skillful lecture, Professor Patrick Winston of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers tips on how to give an effective talk, cleverly illustrating his suggestions by using them himself. He emphasizes how to start a lecture, cycling in on the material, using verbal punctuation to indicate transitions, describing "near misses" that strengthen the intended concept, and asking questions. He also talks about using the blackboard, overhead projections, props, and "how to stop."

About Professor Winston (Wikipedia)

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February 20th, 2008 at 5:08 am

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