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KONIGI: A journal of User Experience Design

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There are many sites focused on user experience design for web based media. But most of them only consists a gallery of ‘inspirations’. KONIGI (Knowledge Sharing & Competitive Research for User Experience Design), a new site, goes one step further  by providing de-construction and explanations of the ‘goodness’ in those interface design both in form and functions.


I liked ‘rationale’ of the site:

Ever since I started working in this industry, I’ve maintained swipe files or bookmarks at various places to track the sites that have left an impression with me. But over time, I began to wonder if doing this type of research with the intention of influencing your own work positively might subconsciously affect the work in ways I don’t necessarily want. Even when you set out not to copy what others do, the awareness of what they’ve done may, in a sense, negatively influence by hampering innovation. So with this in mind, I publicly add this warning to myself as I begin to chronicle the evolution of web user experiences even more rigorously here.

There are lots of feed subscription choices available for KONIGI, but here goes the complete feed.

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February 14th, 2008 at 5:46 am

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  1. The strategy of smart experience. Focus on user experience like the 1,2,3 step signup used by bigger cos. like Netflix. Simple is smarter and small is beautiful when focusing on ‘experience’ I believe. GD.

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