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Gathering and Analyzing User Data

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A nice article by Rachel Hinman of Adaptive Path :  Demystifying Data Analysis on the art and science of gathering and analyzing the user data by a very low-tech toolkit of post-it notes.

The first thing all guests on Clean Sweep [Television Show] do is unload the contents of their home onto their front lawn. This is effective for two reasons: 1) It forces people to face the madness and take a good hard look at all their stuff and 2) It presents “the stuff” in an apples-to-apples format. Similarly, because the data from field research is often in disparate forms (video tapes, transcripts, digital photos, etc.), it’s important to present data in an apples-to-apples format by transforming it into something tangible and visible. Only then can you take a good hard look at everything that’s been collected and start making choices about what is important.

Via Maish. He added

I usually wiki my notes from an interview. This gives my team an opportunity to review the notes and add in any missing pieces or new insights. Next, I go through the notes and highlight the ones that matter to the project. Then I collect all the highlights and present them with supporting notes. But I like the ‘Emerging Insights’ theme that Hinman uses to present her findings. It makes the presentation more direct and appealing.

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September 17th, 2007 at 6:52 am

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