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Teach to Learn – The Next Big Thing

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Teach to learn by Van Weigel of Eastern University
A practical learning strategy specially when now days everyone is riding the simulation bandwagon.

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One of the more interesting things I learned from John Stuart Mill’s biography: homeschooled by his father, James Mill, John was required in turn to teach his younger siblings. While he gained a great deal from the experience, he reports in the Autobiography, his younger siblings fared less well. This is reflected in an item from Van B. Weigel that Tze thought (correctly) would interest me. Weigel writes, “For those taking notes, lectures may be poorly suited to the task of learning, but not for the person giving the lecture. A tremendous amount of learning takes place in preparing for and giving a lecture.” The same, I might add, is true of writing a daily newsletter. Weigel has a lot to say about deep learning, communities of practice and simulations, drawing on people like Wegner and Aldrich.

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May 29th, 2004 at 4:08 am

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