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Maish pointed out a GREAT post at PingMag : The Art of Efficiency – 10 Ways to Organise Your Life. Neat! :)

Without organisation there is chaos. A sheet of paper becomes a pile of paper. A single rubber band snowballs into a tangled nugget of desk gold. A lone file on your computer’s desktop multiplies into an infinite number of faceless icons, blocking out the pretty wallpaper of your cat. Here are 10 popular ways of getting organised, with additional comments from my productivity-obsessed friend and co-worker, Ken.

Also, Lifehacker posted a great free Wiki based tool to get organized : GTDTiddlyWiki


GTDTW is an HTML document that you save to your local hard drive and edit there using you web browser. When you save information, it edits itself, and stores what you’ve written in an internal data format. This is very convenient for people who are into portable apps on USB keys, because it’s completely self-contained, always with you and only requires a web browser to edit. It’s also very easy to back it up: just send it up to your Gmail account every few days, or better yet schedule a job to do it for you.

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October 30th, 2006 at 3:29 am

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