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Groups Vs Networks

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Don’t know how I missed it! Continuing my thoughts on “Connected” Vs “Collective” intelligence [ Groupthink back-fired?, Individual Vs Collective wisdom..continued, More on wisdom of crowds ] – Stephen Downes wrote

I have been thinking today about the distinction between groups and networks. Groups require unity, networks require diversity. Groups require coherence, networks require autonomy. Groups require privacy or segregation, networks require openness. Groups require focus of voice, networks require interaction. The group I am with right now is very intent on being a group. That doesn’t interest me. I have no wish to lose my identity and my freedom, my empowerment. Because a group is subject to this very objection – backlash, groupthink, the works. But a network is not.

Blogging networks – connected by Trackback and comments Vs Groups and Forums?

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September 26th, 2006 at 3:18 am

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