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After a long time – a looooong blogging break – I am back. :-)
I was tied up – with many things, personal, workload etc.
Also I was having a Blog Out. I was blogging more and writing less.
Anyway let’s forget the ‘dog ate my homework’ and look into the future

I am just glad to be back. :-)

Now, although I am back – I am bit confused right now. By some coincidences, alien invasion and sheer luck – I have been included in the management in my company. In simple words – I am no longer only a geek anymore – I am a geek holding a managerial position! :-( My hairs are getting little pointy too!!

Oh well, bottom-line is, that my horizon expanded – now I need to look at the typical issues for small and medium size businesses apart from my regular consulting gigs!

Now a question to you – if by any chance I kinda sorta start writing about those things also – will that be too much? Will that dilute SoulSoup?

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August 30th, 2006 at 12:40 pm

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