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Dave Pollard on Personal Knowledge Management

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Dave Pollard posted a great article on Personal Knowledge Management (PKM). Great, because the article is not from a ambiguous philosophical perspective on the issues with organizational knowledge dissemination, rather looking from a practical point of view and capable of triggering some ‘actionable thoughts’. Great, because it deals with the grass-root level problems (trust me – most of the world is far far behind the anything 2.0). To quote:

The old model, which we pursued from 1994-2004, is focused on content and collection — the acquisition, organization & aggregation, storage and dissemination of content under organization-wide taxonomies using customized tools and containers, just-in-case it might be reusable. The new PKM model, which we believe will replace it, is focused on context and connection — connecting to the right people just-in-time, canvassing them to gain their knowledge and advice in the context of a particular business problem or pursuit, synthesizing that knowledge and applying it to the issue at hand.

ome companies coming late to KM, or overly enamoured of their legacy KM systems, may not be ready to think of KM as a means of improving productivity, capitalizing on the best available knowledge and experience, tapping the collective wisdom of employees and customers, facilitating more robust collaboration, improving the quality of decisions and enhancing agility and innovation. This takes a relatively enlightened management attitude on KM. Many companies still see KM as a means to reduce cost and headcount, ‘re-use’ intellectual capital and ‘accelerate employee learning’. But as awareness of these new value propositions for KM grows, I think you’re going to hear a lot more about PKM.

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November 24th, 2005 at 4:47 am

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