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User experience design : 2 great case studies

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Designing for Experience: Frameworks and Project Stories by Marc Rettig & Aradhana Goel [PDF]

1 hour of my morning was hijacked by the presentation slides by Marc and Aradhana. With the case studies of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and VasSol CANVAS (a medical software interface) – authors managed to articulate the essence of user experience design – putting yourself first to the user’s shoe and keep it as simple as possible (but not simpler!).
When WE are going to do such deep study for learning experience designing?
How long we will try to fit-it-all in ADDIE or any other specific model?

How long we are going to sale snake oils? quote :

Experience design, or “design for experience” is a name for enlarging scope to consider patterns of life, goals, activity, context, repeated use, learning, sharing, emotion, and more…while applying The Design Process.

To do a good job of this, we have to understand as much as we can about the context, the activity, what else is going on, where people’s attention is focused, what happens before and after, what their goals are, and more.

Tools discussed for creating engaging user experience:

  • Rich persona, documenting the variety of journeys people have across many systems and interactions
  • Annotated point-of-view photographs
  • Breakpoint analysis
  • Models that map information needs to a model of people’s experience

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