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How do we create knowledge?

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Making knowledge by Denham Grey. An excellent wrap up post on organizational knowledge capture, dissemination and sharing. To quote –

On “Generative community”

At the top my list is a community – a group that shares interests, develops a common language, builds trust, shares experiences and engages in dialog. With new tools for connecting such as blogs, IM, VoIP, web-based conferencing, e-mail and listservs it is no longer necessary to be co-located.

On “Conversations”

to assist participants opening up possibilities, sharing relationships, engaging in reflection and inquiry, allowing them to give ‘voice’ to their unspoken values, insights and beliefs.

On “Crafting distinctions”

A basic premise for knowledge sharing is that we share context….
The key is arriving at a shared understanding. Naming experiences, exploring & testing uniqueness and utility is perhaps the core practice for making new connections, increasing awareness and sharing insights.

On “Knowledge ecology”

is a subtle concept, concerned with knowledge flows and dynamics, relationships, learning, dialog, social networking, building social and human capital. The focus is on personalization, interactions, culture, practices and social context.

A must read!

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September 5th, 2005 at 6:36 am

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