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without comments is an totally unique project aimed at teachers, researchers, writers and educators the world over.

Basically you get to set up a free WordPress blog (by far the best blogging platform out there!), 10MB of upload space (extending to much much more down the line), an enormous stack of beautiful themes and to be part of a unique community.

You could use a blog to record and annotate important resources and ideas, to propose and discuss anything under the sun, to progressively develop your thesis, to publicise and discuss your publications with the world or just to develop your digital identity.

Either way, is a no-strings-attached, open source, ongoing and freely available service for you and you’re invited to take part!

If you’ve got any questions, please feel free to contact James Farmer at james[at]edublogs(dot)org

[footnote : extremely sorry for blogging this GREAT news so late. To make it up, follows some great articles on successful eduBlogging for the new eduBloggers]

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  2. How you SHOULD use blogs in education by James
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  4. The Pedagogy of Weblogs from Weblogg-ed
  5. Designing blogs for education by Jonathan Briggs
  6. Blogging style: The basic posting formats : index of the great 7part series by Amy Gahran
  7. Promoting Your Blog By Biz Stonefrom Blogger Knowledge
  8. The Corporate Weblog Manifesto. by Scobieizer
  9. How to Make Your Blog More Valuable to Readers by Dave Pollard
  10. How to Increase Your Readership by Dave Pollard
  11. Educational Blogging by Stephen Downes
  12. How to Start a Blog by Phil Windley

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August 5th, 2005 at 7:22 am

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