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Usable Content Manifesto from Asterisk

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Usable Content Manifesto from Asterisk

What Usable Content Is

  • Usable content is clear and easy to understand.
  • Usable content can bridge gaps—things like language barriers, disability and cultural differences.
  • Usable content is meaningful.
  • Usable content makes the reader feel smart.
  • Usable content is goal and audience appropriate.
  • It’s thought-out, planned and constantly maintained.
  • It’s fresh, light and lively.
  • It’s content that is organized in a way that people understand and can get their mind around.
  • It’s designed to be accessible.
  • It’s reusable and shareable, readily available and easy to locate.
  • It’s straightforward, open and honest and to the point.
  • It encourages feedback and is engineered for conversation.
  • It’s hard work, but worthy of the job.

What Usable Content Is Not

  • Usable content is not clever, obtuse or misleading.
  • It’s not marketing drivel, or bland branding messages.
  • It’s not longwinded.
  • It’s not written at the highest possible reading level.
  • It’s doesn’t use “big words” unless they are needed.
  • It’s not legalese.
  • It’s not double talk.
  • It’s not an afterthought.
  • It’s not a mission statement.
  • It’s not an org chart.
  • It’s not self-centered.

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