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Jakob Nielsen, some ugly issues and some “usable” discussion

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Commentary on Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox
From Mindful Learner
I think the whole thing’s a damn shame. When I first got into usability, I saw Jakob as a good guy fighting for a better world for all. It took me some time to see he was in fact just another self-serving guru for hire. Guess you can’t blame a guy for trying to milk the last few dollars out of his past glories….doesn’t mean you have to like him though.

From Jay Cross
Give a kid a hammer, and every problem looks like a nail. Give Jakob Nielsen a chance to improve workflow, and it looks like a usability issue.
Best part is the “breadcrumb” at the top of Jay’s blogpost and the comment at the end – “No graphics were used in the creation of this page. Usability only goes so far. Someone might still be jacking in with a 300 baud modem.”

From Design by Fire
An open letter to Jakob Nielsen (with 50+ comments)
Redesign with your own two hands. Do the work yourself. Make it readable. Make it pleasing to the eye. Fill it with content that inspires people to do better in their own work. Take the time to employ some basic typography principles. I’ll even let you borrow my copy of Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst. Create a pleasing color palette. Create some simple, yet elegant informational graphics. Go take a few photos.

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April 1st, 2004 at 11:16 am

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