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me-Learning: What if the impossible isn’t? interview with Wayne Hodgins
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What makes this massive scale of personalization possible is a relatively simple concept that might best be described as mass customization. The term “customized” because every solution is a unique assembly of “just the right” people, materials, content, technology, etc. and “mass” because this is for the masses, EVERY one, and therefore the scale is about as massive as you can get! In simple terms which we can maybe discuss more later, this model of mass customization starts by taking everything from content to software code to equipment to human competencies, down to very smallest possible size (and not one bit smaller as Einstein noted). These smallest possible objects are the “raw assets” which can then be used to create more refined and functional, though still very small, standard components. These standard reusable components can be pre made and sit “on the shelf” ready and waiting to be carefully selected and then assembled into a complete custom solution of just the right people and other resources needed to match any given individual needs and situation. This kind of mass customization or personalization enables a different solution for not only every country but every individual. me-learning!

I am particularly struck by the almost complete lack of attention to the radical changes required to our thinking and practices of teaching, instruction and how to best help others learn. In my work around the world I find an almost universal consensus about the radical shift to a very learner centric model of learning. However there appears to be almost no discussion or consideration about how this will require an equally radical shift in the instructional models, teaching methods and overall pedagogy to effectively support learner centric learning. As a result I think we are still at the very earliest stage of the revolution and evolution in learning and also very early in seeing the benefits this will all bring.

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October 8th, 2004 at 11:16 pm

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