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Content Manangement Without A System

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Content Manangement Without A System from Asterisk*
Summary: It is quite possible, in fact could be preferable, to manage content and distributed authorhip without the use of a content management system (CMS). Regardless, it’s very important to have a process in place before you chose a CMS.

Why a system? Why not?

Well, let’s start with a story.

Sally is the manager of a large corporate intranet. She has a decent size budget, some support from her IT department and some big ideas. She also has numerous stakeholders to deal with and a ridiculous amount of content that needs to be updated, refreshed and maintained.

After quite a bit of research she decides to look to a content management system as an answer to all her content management problems. She purchases a CMS (at a ridiculous price) that promises to easily allow Sally and her horde of stakeholders to manage their intranet and dissolve their content management woes.

Then the problems start. She can’t customize it the way she wants and on top of that they’ve got to license SQL (again at a ridiculous price) and purchase a new server to even run the damn thing. She realizes most of the implementation is way over the head of her IT resources and decides to pony up for a support contract. Now she’s into a monthly fee.

The support is so-so, but she eventually gets things up and running. Whew. Oh wait, now the exceptions begin to roll in. The templates don’t fit with the forms that Mike in HR wants to add, and Ursula down in accounting wants her site organized differently than the rest of the departments.

Of course none of this custom work is covered in her support contract so she brings a consultant in to do it for her. Mo’ money, mo’ money, mo money.

She gets it all sorted out in time, after hiring the consultant on full time to manage the templates and exceptions and then, a few months down the road, she comes to find out that only four departments are actually using the damn thing and she is stuck making all the crucial and timely updates herself anyway.

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October 7th, 2004 at 11:12 pm

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