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User Experience Tradeoffs

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Interview with Andre Haddad, eBay by Mark Hurst at Good Experience Blog
Andre Haddad is the Vice President of eBay’s User Experience & Design (UED). He’s in charge of the user experience for eBay’s 114 million registered users…During our interview, Andre listed five major tradeoffs, and why eBay’s decisions within those tradeoffs necessarily make the seller’s experience somewhat complex.

Tradeoff: Ease-of-use vs. customer safety
One of the things we know is a big barrier to selling is seller verification. In order to open a seller’s account on eBay, we ask for specific banking and credit card information that is critical to our trust and safety systems. They are incredibly effective in helping us prevent fraud from happening, but from a user experience standpoint, a lot of people are reluctant to provide eBay with their checking account information..

Tradeoff: buyer/seller experience
Another theme is seller ease-of-use and buyer experience. ..

Tradeoff: Ease-of-use for new users vs. power for experienced users
It’s not easy to have one experience that fits all these different needs. We’ve developed different interfaces, recommendations to help users without having to research a lot, and tools – either online or desktop software that allows bigger sellers to scale. The new seller’s problems are more transparent, because you can project yourself into their problems. But experienced users have other problems. They’re very vocal, and they ask us to solve problems that don’t necessarily impact sellers trying to figure out eBay. Sometimes the two groups have quite different priorities.

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