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Rapid E-Learning

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Rapid E-Learning: A New Approach to Courseware by Josh Bersin at Macromedia Edge Newsletter [Non-Flash Version - Here]

…the number-one challenge that e-learning developers face: It takes too long to develop a course.

Time is often the enemy of a training program. As time marches on, the business challenge continues to grow — and often the training problem itself will change.

For example, suppose your job is to build a sales certification program for a major new product release. You need to reach out to several thousand sales people and resellers quickly. But you also know that six-to-nine months from now there will be an update release and probably new features and pricing. By the time you get your course published, will it be out of date? Also, the product managers (subject matter experts) are busy — how can you get enough of their time? You need them now.

This example is common in nearly every organization. Sometimes the problem is a product launch; other times it is a new regulation, a merger, or a major new corporate initiative. There are two aspects to the time challenge:

— Time to build: Can I build the content fast enough to meet the business demand?
— Shelf life: Will the content be current and relevant long enough to justify the investment?

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September 30th, 2004 at 9:46 pm

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