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Deeper meaning of learning

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Dax-Devlon Ross: My imagination has become my refuge…
I am deeply moved by the post by Brian at Experience Designer Network. Wrapping around the “inspiring weblog entry by Dax-Devlon Ross that wonderfully captures his personal learning journey from education to career” – the post revealed the brutal side of our “Darwinian” nature of education system.

It was to my disappointment to learn that my scholastic education had only purchased me a ticket to disillusionment, but I’m finding my way back home, so to speak, even if it’s by foot.”

I couldn’t say it in a better way.

Sometime back I wrote

I think this individualism is not in built in our learning psychology. It is something our ranking and certification based education system implanted into us. And the same learning culture is carried forward by people into organizations after “warming the seat in classroom” type learning for 16+ years.


16 years of my formal education taught me nothing! Not even how to learn. I got moderate ranks and collected all pieces of papers, which only help me to get a job, not in doing one. And to add on, those didn’t helped me to live my life in a more meaningful way either.

Going back to Brian’s post –

We often here that education is a system that is able to operate in isolation from the world going on around it. But the situation is perhaps worse since it is possible that the education system is a system that is also able to operate in isolation from lives of the people that are immersed in it.


How many of us find ourselves in this place? The dreams of what we wish to do in life are easily the most practical “things” in living, yet the social and economic systems we find ourselves in often work against them. So we compromise in order to “earn a living” as if living needs to be “earned.” How many students in education systems feel this inner conflict – the dissonance between what we want to do in life versus what we are compromised into doing? This dissonance, or for those fortunate enough, the resonance, between our inner passion for life and the outer reality of living is a primary influence on learning.

in Brian for pinging me.

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July 8th, 2004 at 9:18 am

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