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Q&A with Saul Carliner by Lisa Neal, Editor-In-Chief, eLearn Magazine. Loaded with hard facts, statistics and data. For example –

There’s a high level of dissatisfaction with e-learning courses. According to one study conducted by a private company and presented at last year’s ASTD Conference, 75 percent rated effectiveness of e-learning as less than 5 on a scale of 1 to 10. The average rating is 3.9.

On mobile learning –

I never thought that PDAs were going to become a major learning tool, as some predicted. Even with communications capabilities built in, the tiny screen makes them less than ideal for any long-term learning. Instead, they seem better suited as a playback station for books on tape—or MP3, I guess I should say—and as a great performance support tool, which is where the development focus seems to be now.

Learning From Disappointment: When Learning Solutions Fail to Deliver by Jack J. Phillips from CLO Magazine

Great sanity check list. Top ten reasons of failure of a Learning initiative –

Lack of Alignment with Business Needs
Failure to Recognize Non-Learning Solutions
Failure to Prepare the Environment for Transfer of Learning
Lack of Management Reinforcement and Support
Inadequate Objectives
The Solution is Too Expensive
Regarding Learning as an Event
Participants are Not Held Accountable
Lack of Commitment and Involvement from Executives
Failure to Provide Feedback and Use Information about Results

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