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IDEO Now Blogs

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Two brand new blogs from the most innovative people in the planet.


IDEO Labs | Feed
IDEO Labs is a place where we can show bits of what we’re working on, talk about prototyping, and share our excitement over the tools that help us create.

Bringing new ideas to life is an essential part of what we do. The first versions are usually rough. They’re early proofs of the concepts, ways of helping us explore, learn, and think. Usually they’re not very pretty. They’re not finished products, after all, but prototypes of what could be.

Design thinking | Feed

Personal blog from IDEO CEO Tim Brown

This is a blog about design thinking. I am in the process of writing a book on the subject and this is the place I would like to share ideas and have a discussion. If you want to get an overview on how I see design thinking then check out the article I wrote for Harvard Business Review here.

As you will see as you read the posts, I have lots of questions. If you can help me with any answers or perspectives I would be very grateful. If you let me know who you are I will also do my best to acknowledge anything that makes it into the book.

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September 17th, 2008 at 9:34 pm

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  1. [...] Kann eine Firma bloggen, die an vertraulichen Projekten arbeitet, welche strenger Geheimhaltung unterliegen? Sie kann. IDEO, die bekannte Design- und Innovationsagentur (bzw. Beratungsgesellschaft) mit Hauptsitz in Kalifornien, hat unlängst zwei Blogs begonnen (Info via SoulSoup). [...]

  2. [...] And last, but not least, Ideo (and CEO Tim Browne) are now blogging too (via Matthias and Anol). Check out the new blogs (at Ideo Labs and Design Thinking respectively) for fresh insights. Besides, Tim’s article in the June 2008 HBR is a good introduction to design thinking too: [...]

  3. I wish they were little more active bloggers!


    24 Dec 08 at 4:25 pm

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