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Killer Application (+) Comic Soup Vol II

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Since the very beginning of civilization gathered lots of positive attention. Although I really really like the application (it converted the phrase ‘can I subscribe to your brain‘ into reality), but it was a bit overstretch when was getting touted as Google Reader killer or Facebook Killer.

I posted a question  at LinkedIn asking  "Do you think LinkedIn should add a ‘life-streaming’ service like Where users can aggregate the feeds from other places like blogs twetter etc? Why and why not?" followed by a clarification : "I think all of you must be thinking – why this weired thought came to my mind? As you might be aware of is being touted as facebook killer / google reader killer etc. Just wanted to get a vibe from the users of LinkedIn – what they think about lifestream + social network equation!".

Go there and checkout the violent responses I got! 

Written by anol

April 8th, 2008 at 7:32 am

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