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Katie Cavanagh: Comments in the Margins – Life Narrative, Publishing, Credibility, and Blogs

Katie Cavanagh

“I am currently working at Flinders University in South Australia.
I wear four hats:
Hat 1: The Slough
PHD candidate. I believe we are in the midst of a shift of the same magnitude as that facilitated by the Gutenberg. Blogs form the ‘born digital’ examples of the nuances of the shift.
Hat 2: The Tekkie
Planning and implementation of a large-scale digital archiving system. Also planning and production of Websites and ejournals.
Hat 3: The Associate Lecturer
Lecturer in Writing and Designing for the Web (English) and Introduction to Multimedia Design (Screen Studies).
Hat 4: Human Being
Mother of 2, proud owner of cat, Io.”

Comments in the Margins – Life Narrative, Publishing, Credibility, and Blogs

[Read the complete paper (.doc)]


The title for this paper comes from my personal response to blogs. When I first started reading them they reminded me of the scrawls in the margins of the books in the University Library. Comments on thoughts, life, history, and the human condition that applied to a central text, from voices other than that of the author. This is what blogs have been doing for texts on the web. The commentary has grown, however, and the number of voices has increased. The central text has grown to life itself, and many of the voices from the margins are speaking about the personal worlds they live in. This is not how life is presented in any other media. Reality TV? It is an oxymoron, how many of you sit around putting bugs in a blender and then drink them in a time trial? (Last comment credit goes to a radio interview with Jerry Seinfeld).
– 12 am, March 21, 2005 –

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  1. Hi Katie,
    Just googled you and found this, If you liked Salam Pax, try Dahr Jamahl who is in fact a Lebanese, living in Alaska but visits Iraq (complex). See you in a month. This is your father speaking.

    Comment by john warren (subscribed to comments) — 26/6/2005 @ 4:15 pm

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